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1) meaning of Taq e Nisyaan par Rakhna-----
-Bhol Jana
2)who wrote "Maa G"
Qudra tullah shahab
3)famous for Marsiya nigari---
----Meer Anees
4)Dobtay ko tinkay ka sahara—
---- zarb o misal
6)where is Ghar e Kahf
7) Allah k Siffati Naam
8)Islami Economy mn reerh ki Hadi—
9)where is Molana Rumi's Tomb
11)Ki meray Katal k baad us na jafa sa toba
haye us zod e pashemaan ka pashemaan hona.
..... ghalib
12 Akhri Maarka of hazrat Muhammad pbuh
------ Tabook
13)adbi personality of sialkot after iqbal
------------faiz ahmed faiz
14) Year of Death of Holy Prophet pbuh----
--11 hijri
15) urdu is the word of ----
----turkish language
16)CPU stands for—
------central processing unit
17)IMF stands for ----
--- International monetary funds
19) Ireland's currency-----
20) Nepal's currency ---
-- rupee
21)Australia's capital
22)Turkey's Capital-
------- Ankara
23) Women's Quota in National Assembly-
24)who appointed the chief justice-
25)presidential order of Manoon Husain
26)allocation of seats of national assembly in provinces----- in respect of population
27)Governor Punjab—
---ch sarwar
28)first president of muslim league---
--molana fazul haq(not confirmed, i think sir agha khan but it was not mentioned in options)
29)who led quite india movement—
30) foundation year of muslim league-
31) Allama iqbal's proposal for the first time publicaly in ------- lacknow
32)who accepted pakistan first time-
33)before whom the national anthem was sung first time-
---Raza shah pehlwi
34)Quaid's 14-points was the response of –
----nehru's report
35)Maulana Rumi's tomb---
36)who was affiliated with tehreek e khilafat------Maulana M. Ali Johar Khan
37)when did islamabad declared capital officialy-----????? not confirmed but it did 1961
38)when did the natural gas was discovered in pak-----1952
39)where is Gawadar—
40)Jerusalem's important for -----
----- muslim, christians and jews
41) Gaza City---
------ palestine
42) Khebar pass connects –
----- peshawar to kabul
43) international islamic university ----
--- islamabad.
44)Biggest barrage –
----sukker barrage

45) first prime minister—
----- Liaquat Ali Khan
46)Reuters is ---
---- a news agency
47) present hijri year----
48)who presented system of basic democracies------Ayub khan
49 opposite of gloomy------
50)meaning of barbaric----
51) meaning of satire------
52)meaning of anonymous----
-without name
1. What is the Length of Pakistan and Afghanistan Boarder.
Ans. 2252 km
2. The Number of Pakistan population wise:
3. How many districts of Punjab:
4. First Non-British Governor of Punjab:
Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
5. Which is also the component of Parliament except Senate and National Assembly:
Total number of High Courts in Pakistan:
7. Command and Staff College at:
8. Total number of amendments in the constitution of 1973:
9. Most Important Mineral in Pakistan:
10. Widely spoken language of Pakistan is:
11. Masjid Mohabbat Khan:
13. Doctrine of Lapse 1848:
Lord Dalhouse
14. Florance Nightingle was famous for:
15. World War 1:
17. Which king buried in Kabul:

18. Westminister Abbey:
19. Expected earth life:
1 Billion years

20. Mount Everest
Himalyas range
23. Canda is situated at:
North America
24. League of Nation:
25. Which is not the organ of UNO:
International Labor Organization
26. European Union:
27. Hanna Lake:
28. Urban- Rural Ratio:
29. 38 Parallel separates:
North and South Korea
30. 2nd largest ocean is:
Atlantic Ocean
31. Dickinson was USA:
32. Australia Discovered by:
Captain Cook
33. Governor General of India after lord Mountbatten : Raja gopal achari