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This paper is helpful for the exams of inspector FBR, Tehsildar, Evaluation Officer,Assistant Director,Research officer,inspector customs,intelligence,railway inspector,inspector fia,
FIA inspector Old Paper solved,Solved mcqs for FPSC exams,old fpsc papers,old nts papers,urdu solved mcqs,english solved mcqs,general knowledge mcqs,world general kmowledge mcqs,ppsc old paper,pts old paper,ots old paper,

1. Kon sa eham geet nigar hai?
Ans :sahir ladhianvi

2. Hostel main parhna our Lahore ka gujrafia is associated with?
Ans : Pitras Bukhari

3. Shar ka mutzad kia ha?

4. Mirza ghalib kahan dafan hain ?
Ans : dehli

5. Akhri khutba was delivered on
Ans: 10 Hijri

6. Meesaq e madina was in ?
Ans: 1 hijri

7. when Fasting becom farz?
Ans: 2 hijri.

8. Which Metal is used in galvanization of iron ?
Ans: Zinc

9. Pakistan left common wealth in which year ?
Ans: 1972.

10. Smallest continent in world is ?
Ans: Australia

11. How many members of European union?
Ans: 28
12. Which is the Capital of Kazakhstan?
Ans: Astana.

13. Next Olympic Games will held in which country ?
Answer : Rio de janiro (But now Olympic Games 2020 will held at Tokyo Japan)

14. Who is the Unbeaten boxer?
Ans: Don’t Know

15.who is the current Rugby champion?
Ans: New Zealand

16. what is the usage of Excel ?
Answer : used in calculations.

17. Which of the following is Not an operating system?
Answer : Oracle

18. Who was Firdousi?
Answer : Persian poet

19. Tum mry pas hoty ho goya was written by?
Answer : Momin khan

20. Who said Qatal e Hussain asal main marg e yazid hai?
Answer : Don’t know

21. Old name of sri linka?
Answer : Ceylon

22. Hussain Shaheed shurwadi belongs to?
Answer : Bengal

23. Human right day is celebrated very year by UNO?
Answer : 10 December

24. Who was PM in 1946?
Answer : Nehro

25. When india went into UN over Kashmir issue?
Answer : 1st January 1950

26. Who did Annulment of Bengal and when?
Answer : 1911 gorge v

27. In 1928 muslim league separated in ML and?
Answer : Shafi Leag

28. Pakistan joined NAM Non aligned Movement in which year?
Answer : 1979

29. Pakistan left SEATO in which year?
Answer : 1973.

30. Which Book was written by Ibn-Khaldoon?
Answer : Muqadama

31. What is called Akhri sher of ghazal?
Answer : Mugta.

32. who is known as Lion of Maysoor?
Answer : Tipu Sultan

33. Who is Current Ambassador of Pakistan in India?
Answer : Sohail Mahmood

34. First heart transplant was done in the year?
Answer : 1967

35. what is Deplete means?
Answer : Nakalna/Maadniat etc ka zamin se nikalna

36. leaders of which political party were Hanged in Bangladesh?
Ans : jamat-e-islami

37. Khojak pass Connects which of the ares?
Qilla Abdullah and Chaman

38. Which of the following battle was fought between Hazrat Ali R.A and Hazrat Ayesha R.A
Answer : Jang-e-Jamal

39. Sohni Mahiwal a famous folk lore story is written by which of the following writer?
Hashim shah

40. what is the meanings of Profane ?
Answer : Be- Huramti karna, Kisi Mazhab ki tahzeek krna

41. Which is Day before today select correct answer ?
Answer : Tuesday

42. How much is the Storage capacity of a Compact Disk (C.D)
Answer : According to google here is detailed answer
700 MB CD-ROM can actually hold about 737 MB (703 MiB) of data with error correction (or 847 MB total)

43. Define or select the exact meaning for Apiculture in the below list ?
Answer : it is the process of nourishing / forming of bees and making of honey and bees wax.
44. In a Computer a Keyboard is called which of the following device?
Answer : A key board is an Input device which is used to enter data or instructions in the system.

45. Which Boxer have been recognized globally as unbeaten?

45. which device is used for internet?
Answer : Modem

46. What is Isotopes?
Answer : Definition of Isotopes is that they are variants of a specific chemical element that differs in neutron number and as a result /resultantly have a separate nucleon number. All isotopes of a specifically allotted element have thae same number of protons but have the different numbers of neutrons in each atom.
47. What is the Velocity?
Answer : Velocity is a Physical vector Quantity.

48. what was the name of worlds first cloned Sheep?
Answer : Dolly
49.What is the Adjacent means ?
Answer : Adjoining/ Neighboring/Next doo to.

50.Who invented X-Rays and when?
Answer : Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895

51.Where was last and first Climate change conference was held ?
Answer : Germany

52. Who is the current Us representative for Pakistan?
Answer : Ambassador Paul W. Jones became U.S. Chargé d'Affaires a.i. to Pakistan in September 2018. Ambassador Jones has served twice previously as U.S. Ambassador (to Malaysia and Poland), and has wide-ranging experience in South and Southeast Asia

53. Who was the First secretary to United Nation General Assembly ?
Answer : Trygve Lie

54. Scotland yard is the Agency of which country?
United Kingdom (UK)

55. Jalianwala massacre took place on which date ?
Answer: April 1919

56.What is the age of retirement judge of supreme court?
Answer : 62 Year

57. What is the Impound means?
Answer : seize and take legal custody of (something, especially a vehicle, goods, or documents) because of an infringement of a law.

58. Ch Rehmat Ali published his famous pamphlet "now or never" in which year?
Answer : 28, January 1933

59. East Timor is Situated in which continent?
Answer : Asia

60. Green house gases are ?
Answer : CO2
61. CNG is the abbreviation?
Answer : Compressed Natural Gas

62. Sound cannot pass through?
Answer : Vacuum

63. Aung san suchi is the leader of which country ?
Answer: Myanmar

64. Hepatitis is the disease of?
Answer : liver

65. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) and Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) stayed in which place during migration?
Answer : Ghar-e-Thoor

66. Which is the Secret Agency of Isreal?
Answer : Mosad

67. Who was the Prime Minister of Uk in 1932?
Answer : Ramsey Macdonald

68. what is the Name of poet who wrote jeeway jeeway Pakistan?
Answer : Jamil-ul-Din AAli and was first time sung by Shehnaz Bagum

69. what is called System of computers?
Answer : Network
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