Lecturer English MCQs Test for PPSC/ FPSC. English MCQs AND HELPING MATERIAL FOR ENGLISH LECTURERS in islamabad

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Lecturer English MCQs Test for PPSC/ FPSC.
Lecturer Pay Scale BPS 17
Required Qualification : MA English
Test marks 100
Test Duration 90 Minutes
Minimum Chances 3
Test date :
These questions are collected from the candidates who appeared this test
This test was conducted bt Federal Public Service Commission for FG Colleges :
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1- antonyms:
Ans :

2- Extrinsic
Ans :


3- Obdurate
Ans :


4- whimsical/capricious
Ans :


5- Fluster calm
Shakespeare's comedy rival?
Ans :

Ben jonson
6- Philosopher in merchant of venice?
Ans :

7- Shakespeare dramas contained continental and … elements.
Ans :

8- The rape of lucrece was written in?
Ans :

9- Shakespeare did not write about?
Ans :

Henry 4, henry 5, henry 7" henry 7
10- The lady of May was written by
Ans :

philip sidney
11- Shakespeare inverted which syntactic structure of english sentences …

12- Marlowe was stabbed by ?
Ans :

Ingram Frizer
13- Thomas more was counsel to?
Ans :

Henry VIII
14- Father of Daniel Defoe, James Defoe was a ?
Ans :

15- Chomsky was born on
Ans :

"7th December, 1928"
16- Dryden in 1663 married Elizabeth sister of?
Ans :

Sir Robert Howard
17- One mcq was about the parliamentary life of Francis Bacon but forgot the statement
18- Important incident of 1642-1651?
Ans :

civil war
19- Approx period of elizabethan age ?
Ans :

1550 to 1660
20- The arraignment of Paris was written in ?
Ans :

21- Spenser was secretary to ….
(question forgot)
22- Macaulay gave Bentinck act for indian education in
Ans :

23- Milton alluded to whom in this line ""Me thought I saw my late espoused saint""? Cromwell, etc "
Ans :
cathrene Woodcock, his wife."
24- literacy rate of pakistan at the time of independence was
Ans :

25- Literacy ratio of women in pakistan who have acquired ten years of schooling is
Ans :

26- Literacy ratio of women in tribal areas is:
Ans :

9pc, 9.5pc, 9.8 pc, none of these " none of these (3pc)

27- Highest literacy among islamabad, lahore, abottabad is
Ans :

28- In how many languages subject comes at the beginning of the sentence?
29- Implicature was coined by:
chomsky, skinner, HP wells, none of these "
Ans :

none of these (HP Grice)

30- Technology enhanced learning method TEL was introduced in

binding in linguistics is done by: a. anaphora, cataphora, exophora, none."
Ans :


31- Binding and government theory was given in
Ans :


32- The term forensic linguistic was coined by ?
Ans :

Jan Svartvik

33- Halliday worked for which stylistics, african, italian, british
Ans :


34- Prague school influenced, semantics, semiotics, syntax
Ans :

35- The linking in sentences is done by, conjoining, discourse marker, both
Ans :


36- History of administration dates back to, 3000 years ago, 4000, 5000"

37- How many types of administration
Ans :


38- Eclectic approach takes from different sources

39- Crow and crow pinpointed the main aim of education, good citizenship etc"
Ans :

good citizenry

40- Ever-lasting teaching method
Ans :


41- Against experimental knowledge

42- Types of administration according to …
jamia milia islami was founded by?
Ans :

maulana shaukat Ali

43- Most important element of education is,
Ans :
learner, evaluation .."

44- Deobund movement used revision of curriculum as: motive, need, ... "
Ans :


45- Least important: test, assessment,
Ans :


46- Wide term is: aims, instructive objectives, goals"
Ans :


47- Supervision does not mean disturbing teacher but cooperating with him is said by

48- Process of presenting content in an easy form: approach, methodology …"

49- Combination of aesthetics and ethics is: ontology, epistemology …"

50- According to aristotle, diction consists of …

Elements "
Ans :


51- Process of investigating permanent difficulties is:
Ans :

Summative assessment, formidable, none etc" none (diagnostic)

52- Current education policy was made in …
Ans :
53- By 2018, the share of gdp allocated to education is
Ans :

54- Linguistic law
Ans :

This law states that the sizes of the constituents of a construction decrease with increasing

size of the construction under study. The longer, e.g. a sentence (measured in terms of the number of clauses) the shorter the clauses (measured in terms
of the number of words), or: the longer a word (in syllables or morphs) the shorter the syllables or words in sounds).

55- In the early phase, teaching should be: critical, corrective, creative .."

56- Lower case x is the symbol for: fricatives, voiced affricates etc "
Ans :

Voiceless velar fricative**

57- Stod is: alveolar, veolar etc "
Ans :

Glottal stop

58- Test consisting of different patterns is:
intelligent test, scholastic etc "

59- Translation method was given by ….

60- Which bronte sister was died at the age of 29? Anne, charlot, emily"
Ans :

Aanne (1820-1849)

61- how many poems of Wyatt published in his life time
Ans :

62- X bar theory was given in
Ans :


63- Syllable having no onset is : null onset, zero onset, etc"
Ans :

Null onset

64- Syllable having coda is
Ans :

Closed syllable

65- Combination of nucleus and coda is: nuclei-coda, rhyme, rime etc"
Ans :

Rhyme, Rime

66- Title of regius orator to john skelton is given in …
Ans :

67- Armstrong was exponent of …
Ans :

Problem solving method

68- Tagmeme … chomsky, pike, none, and fourth option was?"
bloomfield or Pike
69- Phatic communication term was coined by Bronis?
Ans :

aw Malinowski

70- Dogme methodology …
Ans :

Dogme principles

71- Quantitative linguistics is the type of: applied linguistics, mathematical linguistics … etc.
Ans :

mathematical linguistics