FIA (Federal Investigation Agency ) old Paper through FPSC ( Federal Public Service Commission) held on3rd Batch 21-December ,2015. in islamabad

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FIA (Federal Investigation Agency ) old Paper through FPSC ( Federal Public Service Commission) held on3rd Batch 21-December ,2015.
These MCQs are Collected from the candidates who actually appeared in the exam.
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1. Who is current Prime minister of Turkey:
Ans : Ahmed Davutoglu (but now Recep Tayyab Urdgan )

2. Who is current President of Iraq ?
Ans : Fuad Masum (but now Barham Salih )

3. President of UN General assembly appointed for how many years ?
Ans : 1 year

4. How many Non permanent member of security council are?
Ans : 10

5. OIC headquarters in Which city?
Ans : Jeddah

6. Amnesty International deals with ?
Ans : Human Right Watch

7. Who is current President of India?
Ans : Pranab Mukherjee (But now Ram Nath Covind)

8. Panama Canal connects wich?
Ans : Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

9. Where is Gobi desert?
Mangolia and China

10. Saarc countries are?
Ans : Sri Lanka And Maldives

11. President of China
Ans : Xi Jinping

12. Which one is the Austria Capital?
Ans : Vienna

13. Allama lqbal delivered Allahabad Speech on?
Ans : none of these (Monday 29, December 1930)

14. Shimla Agreement was signed on?
Ans : 1972

15. On which date First General election on adult electoral basis in Pakistan were held ?
Ans : 1988

16. On which date Namaz become Farz ?
Ans : after one year of Hijrat

17. Who killed Hazrat Umer R.A. ?
Ans: Abu Lulu
18. How many authentic books of Ahadith?
Ans:Six (Kuttub Al-sitta)

18. How many time word Quran mention in Holy Quran?
Ans: 70 (Seventy )

19. Deficiency of Vitamin C cause?
Ans:. Scurvy

26. Plants intake and exhale in the Morning ?
Ans : Carbon dioxide and oxygen

27. Secretary of defense USA is?
Answer: Patrick M. Shanahan

28. German flag carrier airline name is?
Ans : Lufthansa CityLine

29. Name of backing soda?
Ans: Sodium hydrogen carbonate

30. Current Iranian Foreign Minister name is?
Ans : Mohamad Javed Zarif

31. Noble gases Less chemical reactive Who discovered?
Ans: Zafar

32. Calcium carbonate is narne of?
Ans: Lime stone
33. Governor of Balochistan is?
ANs: Muhammand Khan Achakzai

34. Battery gives
Ans: Direct current

35. Boiling point of petrol is which Degree?
Ans: 95 degree centigrade

36. Barometer is used to measure which one?
Ans: Air pressure

37. Which organ of human body pump blood?
Ans: Heart

38. Typhoid fever attacks on?
Ans: Intestine

39. Dengue fever diagnosed by?
Ans: volurne

40. Which organ is the hit by Typhoid?

41. who was the Last Ummayad Khalifa?
Marwaan II
42. which deals with the Evolution and origin of universe?
Ans: Cosmology
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