Thousands jobs foe Pakistani National in Qatar in uae

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Thousands jobs foe Pakistani National in Qatar
r-riimny-w..T.-ayitric)n. SN Arattric Required Required 1 4 1 . , 13 12 II- 11 tancum& Category Ouly Hama Cluablikaors Sesilinand twagience Reputed Selection engird 1 [atonal Areas OR 1.70o male•ie0 V • minimum. Comae:tea Intermediate. SeCuritY • minimum Of 3-Years Warne eltligneole as seturit• Budd Polition in a nation.' or as sof and, • food & training is 'nand moot from an. in-gag company. international reganized maturity guarding Company. lanitaa I- parking gm. accothm Jet rico. or oreandages. • Pace expetage Can be Combined with security exypecience. based on the laibwIng: English level I is 010 parking access edition •Polico experience must te 3.yean of mote In an cote/bond role. No admintsoath• / nacked gang and invigilating/ intsiligeng roles ray accepted outdo& perimeter patrols • 1-year ictugy experience stet retheted 2 Cali Operator ile 1.n50 Male . 10 R miturawn intermediate • minimum el 4-yean eecunty/ Pace or Military experience it tequind. • Candidetes will be selected based upon ih• • inidnh as lint or •10001 lankine • CCIV experience Is net manallOry. as ,tall will be tested tor cognitive abilities. folloynng: second adage acomm. 74 content rayon. and observation Has. • Passing 3 different technical tests and the English level 2 Ii Mato. • Setitity experience must be In • Magi or internagal reggnized sectary guarding Candidates mum store awe 6S%& each test. needed Mutate Comma-y.01one mate erripayMent CertifeMet deals under Regiangent Clause. • Above tests is adminiltored by HMG Security • Polig omega. mat b Swan or more in an operational war. So gmhatrave / Department and cum we etenfidentlal IlMo cannot gvestigotive / intelligence roles Is accepted. In atkilka t-yeer of weurny immerge. It it be shared requited • c) Passing a face•to-face interview after Military experience must be 3-years or mote in an operational role. No administrative 1 successful pavan or the three technical tests. gveggatIve / intelligence roles h accepted in addition, Imher of lager •xperienC• Is Mg required • DI Passing English language test -Me reCrulthient Caw • Marking gained in glalion to the gagman:AC for CCTV • The bow no vial es can b recnet•d gerirlths Pakistanis i intern& Areas Mate-115 * • Minimum: Completed Sahel& Degree. • Minimum of 4-Peen acting expellente Ina %SCUM, Position in • national or tanCear EMMA as Secunity:Guard; 1 erne* - Security training le mandatory from a verifiable international reggiaed Seegity guarding walang second angel* for Internal security doin and 63 OiltanilatiOn. • Return./ eilaerkinCe mu.. be within a healthcare entity. 4/5.stat hotel, agog, ot ihopping mall English level 2 Si required company. astentdi C. Customer handling • me secunty expedience must be In • customer lacing position with • high level of interaction with cu.:lawn. • Ponce • zmnence own by combined with security espetlenor. based on the following: • Police experience must be 2-yearf or more In an operational tog. No &Imagining / snyesigateg / ,ntedigence roles are accepted. • Items wodity e icemen., stir rug/lied • Military *tongue gn be ownbawd with tiekonty expenence. bawd On the follouting: • Military •penance mat be / yen or alma In an operationg role. No administhitive / alt Ripon / claire", roles ate &reeled • (gears %Monty experience still r edged. • CEIVS•spentlsors leg* it • Minimum: tonne Oolong or university degree • Minimum of Is. wig ••curity ••••rwinc• in • sever sly position in • nation., or • Candidotes will be selected bated upon th• • rajah & woad 90 CCTV training 4 realm) from verifiable COmpsny Intemationat recognued thigh (carding corneae fogaing: lingvate agency. or organization. • Sectary twaritnce mint inclug super-titan edoeffeng IOC a minimum peeled of 2-yeam • Passing a face-to-tag interview. • English level 2 if • Tawdry exPerience mini &Chide rasing" 2.years of CCTV experience • Pasting tag &Ogg teChniCal tests and che required. • Security nogg nil. mini be wain • hospital align, Otoging nail or 4/S tan heal& • candidates MM. Yore above 6911, in each last. • Arabic Is high strets•nvironment. • Denton. ttttt advance knowledge and ifilventiteeous • Police emerging can b tangoed with atuntyesperleng. based on the (Mowing: ng 01 S•cUrItY Praciieel h. • Se' • POMeeqletience must be 39ciais Cl more In an MT/ TiMatiCi stemma. • 3.years security emedence is still required of which 1-year mum beg supervisory role. • Dpertence gibing In frnata0010 the ragged gee. • Military •gefienCe can be COMbined MO ieCurIty expenenat. bated 0/1014i1011awag: • Military mper•nc• mum be 3..yean or more In • COV capaciry • -yean security •metience is required trA which I year nag be Si tupenintinf tog. S Crltkal Areas Security Guard; OA 3.500 • food & Maki • 52 (egg. fl • Mirdnum Unlveisky Degree Security ironing is n•ndatOey from verifiable • Minimum of S.years %murky &agent' Ina security position in • national or internatinnal tgoosiad security guarding compign. • (flesh in second Ian sssss . please tor ...curing Ma Oa egg gaily. anomie. elation 41 tomanv, Meng. or organuation. • Swung eirpenence must be gig a hogital. &MOM ihOging railer 4/5-Mat WW1 In • high strew environment. nOt• Recruitment Clause. areas and high can& areas • The security en periling must be In a customer liming Position wills • high level of InteraCOMMIM.Cuttainek. • Engirds level i Xs required. • Prelgespwience can b combined with security emetlence, bawd on the !aoudad Arabic Is • Polke experlance must be Zees. or more in an operational tole. No sdrnagratfre / acfastageauceither invetamstive / intelligence total are accepted. a lint or third • &awn secunry•sPerIene• ail required. language. • Militant MpefienCe can be combined with seewity expedience. bawd on the following: • Military experience must 2iyeats ot more In en operational tote. NO adminaglIve / inveggathe / intelligence toles are accepted. • 4.years security eapetance .1111 riefulted. 6 Male &Waimea OR 3,500 Male 25 5 • Manna: Intermediate. • Minlmum of 5-years security experience in a security position in o national or • Engigen. et second Mons Control • f °oil L • Security nothing Is requitird Igen verifiable Intannionat teggning security guarding company. lEilltisr 'level Segrity Staff a rconon company. • Or Organitgon. Conflict • Security experience mull be within a role where the candidate has experience and 2 Is (Entrance) cashes41$01•11011 training will be mandatary •Itet training in warthing bags end/or parsons. thus. only Mg Out worked In Star hotels. requited tecrietaint - see Training Sedan. alepOrt.. henpnals. mental health hospital. or other hka-ria access controlled area will be considered. Candidates 115.1 worked in mulls or shopping Centers0r any other area as access controters will not be COkarneftd. • Polka triponenCe can be combined with security emenence, based on thelama& a. Polka experience real be 3.yaan es mote in an operational role. No Managing / evesugave / intelligence roles are accepted. D 3-year, ieCuritY espitneme sal required as mationed in paragraph it • Military experience Can be combined with snooty experience, based on the following: a. Military Copericmc most 3 yews or more in an operational role. NO lcinsinistrative / inveggative / intelligence toles ale acteoted. b. 3-wars security experience still requited as mentioned In paragraph it Neese note eenpbymem cera tes deig wider Recruitment Claus. rtiWar • 054,500 Male-10 A • MInguon:Unkutsity dodge. • Minimum of 10-yea's gruffly expel gine in a security poi tion in • national or • trash as second 37.55 Security Guarding • food & Security training Is m•ndatory horn verifiable witernatiOn& gaining •ecurity guarding company. Maga. wan '•Supervisors *iconic company, agency. or &ganglion. • Security enienence mull InclOd• 3-werS Of %cannier/ @Menem, in • similar WO / • InfOnk level 7 0 old overseeing similar amount cd staff. wkan a V5-star hotel akI7Oft, shopping Mall. hOMItal. required. Mtge venue. university. or school • Arabic is • Security entefienCe moat alto be within 0 heiprtal, aeon. simegig mail. or 4/S-Star ddvantatoCus Meg in a hwi Wig orenrognent. • the security experience must be In • cottons.r facing position with • high level of interactionwith cumomers • Police experience can be combined Win teggy 'Merano* based on the followww: • Police experience that be &yews or more In an operational role. No administrative / ingligative / intelligence mg are attained. • 6yeats upturn-1r emenenat Is required of which (dears must be In supervisory role. • Military experience can be combined WW1 security emenenc•, bated on the following: • Military emenence tam be •-yeaes or awe in an operational role. No eataurative / inveitgauve / intelligence rotes ate accepted. • SinrimwriiIresPetlence is required of which 3-years mg be In tal:WWWOryfOle. II Patterning Mag./ • • Minimum: ilatnekw Mate. • Minimum of 10 years security Mt Defiance in • security position in a national or • Inman as lint Or 32.55 Super:aims • Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management &wigwams recognited swung guarding company second language' Yeats training If mandatory I tom verifiable company. • Security experience must iMade Aran riunZwinisgy experience MOM • high stress please note Old agency. Of Mganaahon. environment. II e c r u I I ni • n t • Security paining is tnandatry from • verifiable Carotin". Agency, or organization. •• Polka or Military exponeree can be combined with %aunty emenenta. based on the following Clams. English level 2 Is Vag Driver s license. • Polite or Military experience gat 5 years or more in an operational role. No requited: Please adminigattee/ lagging* / intagence rotes are accepted. note Recruitment • S.yeafs security impedance is required of which I year Must be In supervisory colt • Please nett employrneM calif calm details under Recruitment Clause. Ciao** - languages 9 CCTV Response OR 4:100 Tema • a Mininsurn; intemnediate • Minimum of 6.years security expo r lend in a ttttt ity position An a national or • Candidates will be selected based upon the • Ambit es Mist, TeemMember • food a TO Security training Is gauged from verifiable agitation& recognized steady guarding Company. lillavitig: second or third m (mama. gang. Of Organisation. • PAW security emerge* must be In • high stress efirnonment typical In found in an • Passing a laCtia.faC•intennaw. language. mirky, airport, hoped, mall oit age p.a. • Demonstrate advance knowledge and • English as Mtn • Pare equthenoe rat be combined with wgrity northing. based on the followlrylp understanding of security practices In • set second larice. a) Police experience mint be 3.yeigs or more in an operational rote within a highinst Weznille10. • English kitM 2 0 region unit. Ito •Oneniutative / wereinigative /intelligence edn ale accepted. a (epergne* in relation to the MCWinkinale. required b) Swots of security emergee all tequVed. Military minden. can be combined with secucity expeneince. bated on the rollowing. • Military experience must be yews of mom in •el operational foie within • hagfish region unit. No adrnsatrative /investigative /intelligence roles is accepted 3-years ot security experience still required. 10 Athnhatretive male. 2 ft Minimum incennediete 1yeart ins swag role Canada te• will by selected based upon the Collat. as second Support ii.gmastratete qualicahonle advantwiewas. folgoving: language • please &MS Cage omegas* - Eget, Word. 0900.0k. ad a) Passing a faceitolace intercom. note Recruitment PowerPoint. b) Passing a wrixten and computer-based test deMOnMating plblitienty in MS Wad. MS Legs INSPower Point and PDX. c) Pawing English languor test • in wren/anent ctathe. Clause. ILEnglish level 2 Is requir•di •litale note Recruitment Clause . tailgates-It Yea COT-nraler • Olt 9050 Male .1 C—. • Minimum intermediate cenficater • Min um of S.yea s ttttt My csratience • ty pthi Won • n•ilonal or • English as second / S.55 Parking shaman • Sectary training Is mandatory from verifiable company. agency. Or OrgennatiOn. International twanged gorily guarding &moony. • Experience motet be within • swage rag. lempaage. • (•a Mg 2 IS Years Old Traffic Control training is mewing after. • Traffic Police experience can be combined with security ago-Hence based on the following. regaed • Arabic Is • Traffic POlattpergeng lot more than • years and •deeming. 12 3 °I 1 1;1 1 h 1 OR 0,500 Male-9 S • Panama interniediate. • Minimum Or V weak SeCuelty explorienC0 in One of the Siam. pOODOM: • Arabic Is 2855 • roods Advance training in a specialIted fled as Indkated • Woriag In a Mental Health Fatuity and dealing with patients In frontline Mile and ade year. •oorron. below. Original gags and wpwrienc• awaken.. assigns with Nogg patients and restrainkg patents. Egad roles here can be ordertiet. • tanigrarfint or Old elation must be presented at interview. nursing assistants. PCA (personal are attendants). POW (Personal support workers) and health care ads. second language. English level 2 is • Winkle, In • policeIP eta reaction unit or VOCielited unn that deals with high tics required incidents or calla. The unit must be recognized internationally as 4 scganzed wit • Working in a military hiaidsk reaction unit or specialized unit that deals with high MA incidents or conflict. The unit must be mictinksil mounalicrutly es • ypecialtzed unit • Please note employment ceramies deg/. under en winme& Clayft li GCTVTa[fudU.1l 0116,560 MMedgra Ivan nsinerpirui nap ne. ompuler es o -wan expedience In managing* ot inseam/ CCTV want Candid.' let will be selected based upon the English as first or -5-1—cr /Awns Conbolle. • food & Science as Diploma or maw &gni practicer III.(xpertne Indifferent CCTV tamers brand,* manolown. coraguration is enquired following secoodYitan Ptcgragners acitomm eeptinenCe W. AtiVeneed cabling acPetlenee in copper and fibetwoc cable networks a/Passing • factitailma interview. lingual...Ogg (dation v. Certification / advance user training in nominee, v. Design and installation experience In different ducting and tabre tray installation b) Demon tttttt advance knowledge and note Recruitment Milestone Is moulted as well as In intelligent Nag techniques understencturoi of CCeO systems Clause. CA•MUS W. Hands on experience in installation and conligurauon Of active and agar network U Manage& relation to the egged role. English level 2w W. Advance software c•rtilltation CCIV components d) Pawing English Language hint . see recruitment required: ante systems mg as Telco. Itonervid. Pats and Sony. val. raper...nee In troubleshooling low currant systems clause. note Recruitment WI. Experience interacting and cornnwnkaUng to es Clause • anguagef revels of legman and management vet Valid Others license is required 14 Support Cameo, OR Male 'I • 1111/111.54 degree In an t Ammo...nit discipline, •CA Mionsvm of si-yean &penance th coordinating and monitang assigned promos Candidates will be selected based upon tne • India M hot Or 2395 20/300• Degree, computer Science. or MBA In any discipline L Ability to work win multiple discipline projects following: second I ttttttt Years aitmarmi with construction rotated t7tItat"Ce. II. Project management and supeension skills a) Passing a loceto lace interview. -please note II. PMP/ Prince 2 related d certifications are advantageous N. Decision mans ability:one agent., tails Mtge manogonsuni and organization skills 01. Demonstrate advance knowledge and unclorstadingof CCTV warms Re c ruitim ant Claw. IA twienence cc/acting and communicating to en c)fypenence in relation to the motored role ilingliih level 21f levels of 14*D-•hiz and m/smoment a Paging snows Sansone test - see recrumnau clause required: fleece note Recruitment Clause 'languages. E mail:, i 0304-7669849 . . • • - . • , . 0311-6784882 o nfli 1 -41.FIRASI-72 • 4.3s4 ."I .b•I . ).fr/7/ . .2:- - - - :- c 1 i- -C. 17)3.51 " ../ . . / ilei ed. . , ) I • 4. A1/4.