UNIVERSITY OF SARGODHA, SARGODHA ADVERTISEMENT NO. 02/2019 (Teaching and Non Teaching various Posts) in sargodha

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UNIVERSITY OF SARGODHA, SARGODHA ADVERTISEMENT NO. 02/2019 (Teaching and Non Teaching various Posts)
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REGISTRAR, UNIVERSITY OF SARGODHA, Ph # 048.9230802 111.-3587 University Website

Note: Please write N/A where not applicable.
Use extra sheet in prescribed format. (Where required)
Name (in block letters) as per matric certificate :
Father’s Name (in block letters):
Father’s Occupation: Marital Status:
National Identity Card No. _ _
Date of Birth: Day / Month / Year Age (on closing date) Year / Month / Days
Nationality: Religion:
Present Occupation: Domicile:
Postal Address:
Permanent Address:
Email Address: Primary
Mobile No. In Use: Residence No.
Alternative: Office No.
PEC/PMDC/License No. (If applicable)
Pay Order No. (Attach in original) / Challan No.
Date: Amount:
Closing date of Advertisement: Day / Month / Year

Education: (Please start from most recent degree/certificate and go in descending order)
Sr. No Degree Name Specialization/
Field/Subject University/
Board Passing Year
DD/MM/YY Division / Percentage Obtained Percentage Obtained CGPA out of 4.00
Please attach the mentioned certificates otherwise application shall not be entertained.
Employment/Research: (Please start from most recent position and go in descending order)
In case of nomenclature of the degree is other than the mentioned in the advertisement, provide equivalence letter.
Name of Post Department /
Organization Scale /Grade Gross Salary Per Month Description
of your work Duration Time Total Experience
Please attach the mentioned certificates otherwise application shall not be entertained.

Total Experience DD/MM/YY Post Bachelor/Master Experience (16 Years) DD/MM/YY
Post MPhil Experience (if applicable) DD/MM/YY Pre-PhD Experience (if applicable) DD/MM/YY
Post PhD Experience (if applicable) DD/MM/YY Post Qualification Experience DD/MM/YY

No. of Research Project/Thesis/Supervised and Research Work
Give particulars of all post graduate research work done. Mention name of institution and professor under whom supervision/guidance the research was completed.

S.No Degree Supervisor Thesis Title Notification Date

Sr. No. Name of Journal, Address with ISSN (Print), Volume, Page No. Title of Publication Category (HEC Recognized only) Published Date
DD/MM/YY Online Link of paper
Y/Z Impact Factor National/

Total No. of HEC recognized Publications Total No. of Publications in Last Five Years
Total No. of National HEC recognized Publications Total No. of International HEC Recognized Publications

Note: 1. Please use extra sheet in same format. (If required)
2. Please provide the softcopies of publications (CD) in prescribed format otherwise applications will not be entertained.
3. Provide the proof of HEC Recognized Publications.
Other Publications
List of National/International, Conference Paper, Books Published

Other Formal Training or Education.
Name & Place Type of Training Period Certificate or Diploma Obtained
From To

Were you ever dismissed/terminated/removed from service in the past?
If yes, under what Circumstances, explain.

Did you ever sign an agreement to serve any organization for particular period? If yes
1. Has the condition of the bond been fulfilled?
2. Provide the date when the conditions are going to be fulfilled

Membership of learned societies and forms in University/Public/Private/National/International.
State any other relevant facts

Sr.# Name Position Cell No. Office No. Email Address

Give minimum pay acceptable, (Optional)

Check List (incomplete application without evidence shall not be entertained)
Sr.# Document Name Yes No
1 Academics/Professional Degrees/Transcripts & Certificates (HEC Attested)
2 2 Passport Size Photographs
3 CNIC Copy
4 Relevant Experience Certificates verified from the same Institute/Organization
5 Copy of 1st Page of Publications (with proof of HEC recognized journals)
6 Foreign/Degree Equivalence certificate
7 No Objection Certificate
8 Biography/ Curriculum Vitae
9 Soft Copy of Complete Application (CD)
10 Soft Copy of Publications (CD)
11 Challan Form

a. I certify that the above information is true, correct and complete according to my knowledge.

b. I do not have any political/sectarian leaning and that I shall not participate in any such like activity.


(Candidate’s Name)
Note: - Failure to provide true, correct and complete information can leads to rejection of your candidature at any stage.
- Action may be taken against you in accordance with the law if discovered at any stage that you have made false, incomplete and misrepresenting information in this biodata form.

Name: Father Name:
Post Applied for: Department / Institute/Discipline:
i) Basic Pay Scale (BPS) ii) Tenure Track System (TTS)
Online Challan/Bank Draft No. Dated Bank & Branch