Jinnah Sindh Medical University(AAPNA Institute of public Health ) Admission Notice in karachi

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Jinnah Sindh Medical University(AAPNA Institute of public Health) Admission Notice
.• ON EALTH The candidate two years of of MBBS/BDS full-time House institution is working on MS can be isrnu.edu.pk. form is with the required of Rs. 20001- in University has Admission Cell University, Karachi on or test will be final interview will be held on Medical University Karachi. Or I jik i 7 ENT OF ADM t [ EM SS H MSPH: have at least In case year of recognized skills of and prospectus website www of application form Order Medical to Sindh Medical Road, 2019. Manual written 2019 and candidates Address: Jinnah Sindh Shaheed Road, 35215571-72 ANNOUNC MASTER Applications are MSPH program HEC and is of 2 ELIGIBILITY FOR The participants the following qualifications to get enrolled (16 HEC recognized • MBBS/MD (Registered • BDS (Registeree • B.Sc Nursing- • B.Sc Paramedics- • DVM (Registered • Pharm D/Equivalent Council) • BS Physiotherapy • Masters in Social (Sociology / • Masters in Biological • Masters in Environmental • Masters in Business • Masters in Nutrition INF-KR`( No.3651/19 aF SCIENCE MSPH) invited for admission accredited with PM&DC years duration. MSPH should possess one or an equivalent years of education from university). with PMDC) with PMDC) 4 Years (Registered with PNC) 4 Years with Veterinary Council) (Registered with Pharmacy / equivalent Sciences Psychology / Anthropology) Sciences Sciences Administration and equivalent IN PUBLIC 2019 in Experience for and should preferably working experience. degree holders, Job from a PMDC of required. Computer Office are Mandatory. APPLICATION Application forms downloaded from Online submission mandatory. The complete application documents and favor of Jinnah to be sent by 3rd Floor Jinnah Rafiqui H.J. Shaheed before August Computerized I held on August of the shortlisted August 24, 2019. Postal Admission Cell 3rd Rafiqui H. Ph # Note: Final decision for admission will be taken by admission committee.