Islamabad Healing Centre (PVT). LTD Jobs Opportunity (Medical , Psychology and Supporting Staff Required) in islamabad

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Experience Requirements

Islamabad Healing Centre (PVT). LTD Jobs Opportunity (Medical , Psychology and Supporting Staff Required)
0..1 jon . Ys carrs Qualification Salary NO of Posit on 05 OPT 30K - 50K 02 Nutritionist Degree in Nutritiodst/ BS 30K • 50K 07 03 Medical Radom GP MOBS 50K - 70K 03 04 Orthopedics MBBS Ortho 65K - 70K 04 05 Clinical Psychologist Degree in Psychology/ 6S 30K • 50K 04 06 Eye Specialist MBBS / Diploma in Optho 65K - 70K 05 07 Dentist BDS 65K - 70K 04 08 IT Manager Master in IT. MS. MCS. MBAR 40K • 50K 03 09 CSR FA .A / M.A 25K - 35K 12 10 Para Medical Staff Diploma in Relevant Field 25K - 35K 15 11 Pharmacist 1 D.Pharma 40K - 60K 07 initarMacts12 13 8 Pharma 1.5K.:_40n 1f5 Sales & Marketing BRA /MBA 35K- 50K 15 14 i C Marital Representative Graduate 35K - 50K 08 Annn.nntan. Arra r A AO A Ainnnon OAV • nv n,
Head Offlee: H.# 30 Zeshan Street,Bostan Khan Road Near Attock Petrol Pump Chaldala Scheme ltl Rawalpindi. N.Ouaish Pfaza. 5th Road. Sae Town, Commercial Market FPnvalpInci. PTCL No. 051-8354739.Mob#0333-1918139,0321-5408880
Sub Offices: Saddar & Banda Di J
posts wo be allocated m w Ms 2- Both male and terna:e are eligNe to appty, 3- No TAMA wit be green to applicant for test and imenfew. 4- Cansdaies are etiolate to appN from all over the Pastan. 5- Islamabad Hazing Cenve Pk (Ltd) reserve the right to increaserdecrease the number of Posts. Subject to their avartabOy
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How to Apply
• Candidate can download application form and bank deposit slip. available at websiteWww.suecesste ti rapk • Fee is neither refundable nor transferable. • Last date of form submission is Monday 20 February. 2020. • Ali talons are acce. We cooler on at the address mentioned below. Office # 4. 2nd Floor. Tok o Centre. A-Block.Satellite Town. Rawal indi